Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety


Cranbourne Park Primary School is working towards becoming a recognised eSmart school, providing students with the knowledge and understanding needed to be safe online. This page covers some things that can be done at home to help your child stay safe online.




  • Report online bullying to the school (Your child’s teacher in the first instance).


  • Use resources such as “Take a Stand” on the iphone to become more informed about cyber bullying.



  • Talk to your child about cyber safety and what to do if they come across issues such as bullying or inappropriate websites.


  • Children under the age of 13 should not have a Facebook page as they do not yet have the ability to control their digital footprint. It is highly recommended that if they do have one you remove it or have Facebook remove it for you with the following link


  • Install the Australian Government’s Cyber Safety Button; it gives quick and easy access as well as resources covering all areas of cyber safety.


  • View the YouTube clip “How Cyber smart are you?” It has some valuable information for all parents.




  • Below are links to the “Bullying Hurts” brochure in several languages.









  • Resources for Parents

Cyber Smart Site (acma):



Tip Sheets for Parents


Google Translator